It’s the middle of a lonely run

There’s no one there to know

If you only give half the attitude

Which it is your duty to show.

When excuses start to rise and standards to fall

Then hold steady this motto:

Run tall.

The middle of a workout-

The burn seems too much.

“Embrace the pain!” they cry;

But this pain is hot to the touch.

And you wish you could somehow stop it all;

But instead lift up your head –

Run tall.

It’s the middle of a breathless race,

Scared to death that you can’t keep pace,

Or keep the smile on your face.

Experience taunts you, memory haunts you

The cries of past failure call.

Only you can decide now to crumble, or, to

Run tall.

You have come to the middle of life,

A spinning chaos of day and night,

Where you must have courage to find the light

And strength of soul to finish the fight.

But sometimes weakness will be better known than strength

And dreams will shatter and fall,

Then remember what you have learned, and never cease to

Run tall.

Run taller than the pain and the hurt,

Taller than the wind and the rain and the dirt;

Never give up and never back down,

And run grateful for each time your foot leaves the ground.

When your legs cannot run, crawl.

For even then, within your heart and soul, you can

Run tall.

Oh Father! bless us with divine endurance.

Make us brave to finish and know it is well-run.

 Let us hear you whispering, “My children, it is well-done.”

Give us courage to run after Your call

And may we run free and beautiful;  but even more, may we
Run Tall.



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