Poor Ones

Poor Ones

This is written because I cannot hold it within myself any longer; because this is my one greatest sorrow, when I see those who live without life. I have ceased to think of the term poor as denoting physical weakness or financial insecurity. Rather it describes those who have not realized or accepted the greatest treasure ever given to mankind: Jesus Christ. And so I call them poor ones, not out of disdain, but from true compassion, and a hope that one day, they will be as undeservedly rich as I.

Poor Ones

So much grace, and such compassion

Floods my heart, fills my mind

For those poor ones imprisoned –

Chained and blind.

Fettered by their own ambitious ego,

Surrounded by the walls of sin;

Darkness, fear, uncertainty,

Seething within.

It makes me tremble to wonder

What such would be like;

I cannot even say such a life,

For so to live is truly but

To die.

How can I then hold back?

How can I not be bold?

For when I look into a stranger’s eyes

I have begun to see

A soul.

A soul that waits– longer and longer!

Till with its last breath it finally understands,

That it is destined for eternity

And knows not where

To stand.

So much now lies within my sight

Which these poor ones cannot see.

A battle-ground, a raging fight,

And prisoners, afraid to

Be free.

A fierceness rises in my soul,

A strength backed by courage,

That these broken jars be made whole

And filled anew with


I long that they might taste this water,

This Life that fills my outstretched hands!

All else is emptiness and confusion,

But when all the world crumbles, this Life

Will stand.

Almighty God, My Father. Make this my mission,

The centerpiece of my living:

To give the gift I have been given

And to never give up


Teach me how to pray for these

Who know not how their Father grieves,

Nor how unfathomable the Love

Waiting to enfold them.

If only they would lift up their hearts

To Heaven.