Turn around and walk away

So I don’t see you cry.

The only way to be okay

Is to run away and hide.


Make sure you don’t come back

Or open up your door

Until you’ve found your mask

And tied it tightly as before.


Paint your heavy heart with laughter,

Don’t let the cracks show through;

What’s really inside couldn’t matter much

To anyone else but you.


Don’t let me see the things

That hurt you the most.

If you share your burden

You’ll only burden us both.


But wait.


Don’t you know that love

Ties two hearts together?

And that if one is bound,

The other, too, is fettered?


Don’t you see that love

Has its own price to pay?

If I am to share your joy

Then I must share your pain.


And if you build walls to protect me

From the brokenness of your life,

Perhaps my heart will not break,

But slowly, it will die.




As cold is the absence of heat,

And black is the absence of color,

And darkness is the absence of light,

So lies are the absence of truth.


Lies are nothing.


When a man leans on nothing

He falls.

When he steps where there is no stair

He stumbles.

When a man walks where there is no path

He becomes lost.


If we live not in truth,

We live in

Cold, black, darkness.


What then, is Truth?

Warmth, whiteness, and light.


In the beginning

Was the Word,

And the Word was with God

And the Word was God.


In Him was life,

And the life was the light of men.

The light shines in the darkness

And the darkness has not overcome it.


And the Word became flesh

And dwelt among us

And we have seen his glory,

Glory as of the only Son from the Father

Full of grace and Truth.


This Word made flesh-

His name is Jesus.


He is the only permanent warmth,

The only perfection.

He is light, fullness,

The opposite of all things empty.

His name is Jesus.

He is the Truth.